When it comes to dress socks for men, there are rules that govern the wearing of these outfits. Of course, there are exceptions to these rules, but here are some basics to help you navigate the waters.


Never wear bright, bold patterns with white or black tie


For white or black tie events, wearing a pair of purple or black socks could be pushing it, but they're definitely loud and will certainly make you conspicuous whether you like it or not. Evening men's dress socks are normally made of silk and blends of silk and they should go with your trousers. The best evening dress socks for black tie events you can find are so soft, thin, and stylish that other people will be jealous.


Make sure your pair of socks matches your outfit


It is important to pick cool socks based on the color of your trouser. But if you've got stripped socks with a couple of colors or only contrasting socks, it's good to choose a similar color somewhere else within your outfit. It might be your tie, your bow tie, your pocket square and even shoelaces. Regardless of what you pick, having some kind of coordination can make your outfit appear elegant.


Never put on athletic socks with formal or business wear


Athletic socks are perfect for active wear. If you have anything remotely dressy, choose over-the-calf men's dress socks. Period.


Avoid punctured or ripped socks


If your pair has a hole, you must replace it immediately. Of course, if you've got someone who can repair them you can do that, but at the present cost of labor, repairing may cost more than getting a new pair.


Replenish your socks collection regularly but if you buy quality, and you've got at least a dozen pairs in your wardrobe, they will last for some time.


Treat your heels and trim the nails


Your socks are going to last longer if you clip or cut your toenails properly and file them later to remove sharp edges. This also applies to your heels. If you have hard, cracky calluses, they'll wear out socks faster than if you look after your heels. So, find a good nail kit and look after your feet.


Never mix and match your socks



There's a reason why Yo Sox Sock Club socks are sold as a pair. Mixing and matching won't cut it. Even a basic black pair can be a fairly different hue or shade than the other. Make sure you're always very careful to properly pair your socks, or throw them away if they aren't.